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Gallery Update: Movie Screencaptures

Posted by renee on 12 April 2018

I’ve added screencaptures from three of Melonie’s movies: The Belko Experiment, Save The Date, and Assassination of a High School president.

mdw_TBE-Caps_003.jpg mdw_TBE-Caps_059.jpg mdw_TBE-Caps_258.jpg mdw_TBE-Caps_303.jpg

mdw_SaveTheDate_026.jpg mdw_SaveTheDate_039.jpg mdw_SaveTheDate_058.jpg mdw_SaveTheDate_103.jpg

mdw_AssassinationOfAHSPresident_008.jpg mdw_AssassinationOfAHSPresident_038.jpg mdw_AssassinationOfAHSPresident_087.jpg mdw_AssassinationOfAHSPresident_155.jpg

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Screencaptures: Elementary 5.24

Posted by renee on 13 January 2018

I’ve added over 250 HD captures of Melonie’s appearance in Elementary last year!


mdw_E524-Caps_0001.jpg mdw_E524-Caps_0124.jpg mdw_E524-Caps_0173.jpg mdw_E524-Caps_0254.jpg


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Gallery Update: Room 104 Captures and Stills

Posted by renee on 24 September 2017

I’ve added stills and captures from Melonie’s recent appearance in HBO’s Room 104!


mdw_R104-Caps_0027.jpg mdw_R104-Caps_0458.jpg mdw_R104-Caps_1215.jpg mdw_R104-Caps_1308.jpg

mdw_R104-Stills_001.jpg mdw_R104-Stills_002.jpg mdw_R104-Stills_004.jpg mdw_R104-Stills_005.jpg

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First X/Y Still!

Posted by renee on 12 April 2014

The first official still of Melonie in X/Y has been released! You can find it in the Melonie Diaz Web gallery in HQ. X/Y premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month.


Click to view full size image

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“Be Kind Rewind” Gallery Updates

Posted by renee on 12 April 2014

I’ve added HD screencaptures of Melonie as Alma in 2008’s Be Kind Rewind, as well as 6 large quality stills.


mdw_BeKindRewind_003.jpg mdw_BeKindRewind_233.jpg mdw_BeKindRewind_359.jpg mdw_BeKindRewind_444.jpg

mdw_BeKindRewindStills_004.jpg mdw_BeKindRewindStills_006.jpg mdw_BeKindRewindStills_003.jpg mdw_BeKindRewindStills_005.jpg

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Melonie to appear on HITRECORD ON TV

Posted by renee on 08 February 2014

Beware what you text – emojis can be dangerous! Watch this clip from Saturday’s RE: THE OTHER SIDE episode of HITRECORD ON TV featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Bacall, Melonie Diaz & Brie Larson.

It airs on Pivot this Saturday (February 8th)